What is a pub crawl and bar crawl meaning?

When you are new to a city, it’s always great to know some people and have some fun. Usually going to a bar to have some good drinks is pretty good way to socialize. But why limit yourself to only one bar? It would be way more interesting to go around different bars in one night, wouldn’t it? And this is exactly what a pub crawl aims to provide. It’s not just a good opportunity to have, fun, but also a nice chance to explore the city at night.


Pub crawls are also known as bar hopping. In these events you can meet new people, have fun drinking, and experience the nightlife of a city. The pub crawl we are talking here is usually the organized pub crawls. For such pub crawls you would need to pay a registration fee. But with this registration fee it comes with many great advantages. First of all, you will get a night tour guide, who will show lead you throughout the pub crawl, and guarantee your safety. Also, you will get a free shot for every venue that you enter, as well as discount drinks. Plus, with registration, it also means that more people would join, which brings more fun to your evening!


A pub crawl would usually start at around 9 or 10 pm, and you will meet the group at the first bar. Here you will get a wrist band, showing that you are part of the pub crawl. In this bar, as well as other bars, there will be drinking games that serve as ice breakers. Surly after these activities you’ll be more open to engaging with each other, especially with the effect of alcohol! Usually, you spend about one hour at each bar, before moving on to the next, where the drinking game continues. Finally, when you arrive at the last venue, you’ll be able to stay there until it closes. This marks the end of the pub crawl, if you wish to continue, time is at your disposal!


In general, pub crawls provides you a great opportunity to discover the nightlife of a city, while finding companies for your stay. So if you are a sociable, open-minded person, a pub crawl is definitely something suitable for you!