What is a pub crawl?

When you are on a night out, you might be thinking about going to a bar. But why stay in only one bar? Wouldn’t it be even more fun to move around various bars, and enjoy every single one of them? And this is exactly why people organize bar hopping, aka pub crawl. In this case, you will get the craziest experience, by dizzily “crawling” from one bar to another.


The general idea of a bar-hopping to move around different bars in a night out. It can be either organized or disorganized. The unorganized ones are quite simple. All you need is a group of friends to meet at a bar, have some drinks, and decide spontaneously when to leave, where to head next. Theoretically, as long as you are not too drunk, you can keep on hopping until every bar is closed.


For the organized ones, the idea is quite similar, but the process is a bit different. So you will usually sign up for it prior to the event, and pay a registration fee. Then you meet your group at one bar, from which you will start. After spending a certain amount of time at one bar, your bar hopping guide will lead you to the next one. Usually there is a certain schedule to follow, and the event will end at a certain time. So the real difference here is really just the organization.


How to do a pub crawl – step by step guide

There are a few general steps which one could use, when it comes to doing an organized pub crawl.


First and foremost, you need to have your own brand. You will need the acknowledgement of bars and clubs, in order to do organized pub crawls at their places. So make sure you distinguish yourself as a legitimate organizer.


Second, you need to get into contact with the bars and clubs. With their permission, you know that you are clear to hold the pub crawl at their places.


Then you need to advertise your pub crawl using various platforms. You need to make sure people, or enough amount of people actually shows up at your pub crawl. Let them know the price for the pub crawl, as well as the starting time and location. Also the general route, venues involved, what to expect and etc. In general, make sure people come prepared.


On the day when the event starts, make sure you show up at the meeting place earlier than your guests. Make sure you stay sober throughout the event, and lead your guest safely to each venue. After all, as the organizer, you are somehow responsible for the safety and happiness of your guests. So always stay calm but alerted, and everything will work out just fine!

how to organise a pub crawl

How to plan a pub crawl ?

The most important thing about a pub crawl is to first establish a brand. That is to say, to have to first establish yourself as a legitimate pub crawl organizer. You can be a company that specializes in nightlife events, but that’s not always a necessity. For travel agencies, and even individual organizers, it’s also possible to organize a pub crawl. As long as you the owners of the bars you are going to visit recognize you, you are clear to organize.


The budget is also something that you need to consider. You cannot do the pub crawl alone, it requires staffs and costs. For example, you need one or multiple tour guides for the event, this is one source of cost. Also for the advertising itself, it costs money, not to mention if you hire some professionals to do it. The importance of knowing your budget is after all, you need to profit from the event. When it comes to deciding the price, you want to make sure it’s neither too high or too low. You don’t want to end up losing money from this event, so be careful with the calculation!


To the event itself, time and venues are of the most importance. Bars are for night outs, so it shouldn’t start too early. But starting too late is not a good idea either, because bars would be overcrowded then. Also since a bar crawl follows a certain planned route, you should also plan this schedule carefully. This means, pick the bars you are going to visit wisely. You should know the preference of your customer group. Do they prefer loud music and dance, or just a chilling environment? The preference and expectation of your guests determines the venues you will visit. Knowing clearly what places you want to go will be a significant advantage when it comes to advertising.


So lastly when it comes to advertising, take full advantage of social media. Facebook is by all means a great platform because people do use it the search for activities in a new town. But Instagram is getting more and more popular among the young generation, so that also shouldn’t be neglected. Nevertheless, don’t forget about the other non-social media platforms such as Airbnb and Booking. After all, people do book their accommodations on these websites, and it would be great if they see something extra!


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