How a pub crawl is working ?


When you are on a night out, you might be thinking about going to a bar. But why stay in only one bar? Wouldn’t it be even more fun to move around various bars, and enjoy every single one of them? And this is exactly why people organize bar hopping, aka pub crawl. In this case, you will get the craziest experience, by dizzily “crawling” from one bar to another.


The general idea of a bar-hopping to move around different bars in a night out. It can be either organized or disorganized. The unorganized ones are quite simple. All you need is a group of friends to meet at a bar, have some drinks, and decide spontaneously when to leave, where to head next. Theoretically, as long as you are not too drunk, you can keep on hopping until every bar is closed.


For the organized ones, the idea is quite similar, but the process is a bit different. So you will usually sign up for it prior to the event, and pay a registration fee. So of course, with a fee comes also a better service. This includes usually a larger group, and most importantly, a night tour guide! Other than that, for each venue included in the pub crawl, you will get a free shot and also discount drinks. This is what’s great about an organized pub crawl, for it allows you to drink more with lower prices.


A pub crawl usually starts at 9 or 10 pm, and you meet your group and your guide usually at the first venue. The general idea here is to have fun and meet new people, and this is exactly what you will do. In every single bar, there will be some drinking games. These games serve as ice breakers, through which you can engage with others more easily. After staying for around an hour at one bar, the group would usually move on to the next bar. Once again, you will get a free shot and drink deals. Usually, you spend around one hour at each venue. But when you finally arrived at the last venue, you’ll get to stay there until it closes. And that is where your night will end.


At the end of the pub crawl, you will have a great experience of drinking for sure. You’ll definitely get to know many new friends, and obviously have a great time with them. But also, don’t forget that you’ll also get to discover the city at night, and that’s some extra special thing you’ll get from it!