London is one of the world’s busiest cities, with countless attractions drawing visitors from all over the world. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament… the list goes on. But it is after dark when the city really comes alive. London is renowned for having one of the best nightlives of any city. On Friday and Saturday nights the buses and tubes run late, bars are open until the early hours and raves last well into the morning, attracting massive crowds to escape the monotony of the working week.

One of the best ways to delve into this fabulous nightlife is on a London pub crawl. Numerous operators put together itineraries which see guests visiting an assortment of bars and clubs in groups with their friends. Plenty of drinks are on offer and the parties last well into the early hours of the morning. For younger people such as students, parties don’t have to take place at the weekend. London has a bustling night scene all week long, with different clubs having their student night deals on different nights. Pub crawls can be a great way to make the most of this, with organized tours taking you to all the best bargains of the night, saving you loads of money on your drinks.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best pub crawls in London, from the London Party Pub Crawl, established in 2011, to the famous Banana Pub Crawl. So grab yourself a beer, or pour a gin and tonic, and relax, as we take you through some of the best pub crawls in London. Be warned, you’re going to seriously need a party after this!


Are London pub crawls worth going to?

Organised pub crawls are designed for large groups of mates who want a good night out. Sure, you could book a table at the local pub and drink until closing time, before grabbing a kebab and heading home. But isn’t that a bit boring? On a pub crawl you get to experience multiple different venues. This means you can try different drinks, dance on different dancefloors, to different music and generally experience more of the city nightlife. Meet new people, play fun games and competitions, and generally have a much more exciting time than if you just stayed in one place.

Pub crawls also act as a great way to meet new people if you have just moved to a new city, such as London from abroad, and don’t know anyone yet. Many people book a ticket on their own, and by the end of the night have made brand new friends, setting them up for life in their new home. Pub crawls are always run by professional and friendly guides, who will make sure everyone gets to know each other and no-one is left out, whether you arrive with friends or on your own. Think of it like university freshers parties, but for adults!

Another benefit of a London pub crawl is that when you book a package with a specific operator, you tend to get incredible deals. This means savings on your club entry tickets, as well as free drinks on entry, such as shots or cocktails. Many bars and pubs also offer money off selected drinks for all pub crawl bookings – after all, if you and twenty of your friends are coming to a venue, you will be spending money, so the bars and clubs want to make you feel welcome!

Booking an organised pub crawl also saves you the hassle of having to do it yourself. There’s nothing worse than dragging your mates out of the pub and moving on to the next bar, only to find that it is full, and you can’t get in. You then end up trying to get back into the pub you just left and inevitably heading home early, cold, and grumpy – we’ve all been there. With organised pub crawls, there’s no chance of this because everything is booked and prepared in advance. You can simply kick back and have a good time whilst the pub crawl company sorts out all of the logistics for you.

So yes, pub crawls are worth going to if you a large group of friends and want to celebrate a birthday, engagement, promotion, or anything else you can think of. Or if you’re new to a city and want to head out and make new friends. London pub crawls in particular are worth it. This is because London is such a huge city, with so many different places to explore. London pub crawls help you to experience lots of different parts of the city, which makes your night even more fun. The drinks deals are a real benefit too. Drinking in London can be expensive, so making use of free shots and drinks package deals can save you a fortune over the night.

Now we’ve established why London pub crawls are such a good idea, it’s time to show you which ones you should be booking. Read on to discover a bit more about some of the best pub crawls in London.


What are the best pub crawls in London?

#1 London Party Pub Crawl

One of the best pub crawl companies in London, London Party Pub Crawl, offers a range of different packages to suit your night. Their Central London Pub Crawl takes you to a range of bars and clubs in the heart of the city, with the party lasting until 3am. On the other hand, their famous Ministry of Sound Pub Crawl takes you to two bars for pre-drinks, before gaining you entry to one of the city’s notorious super clubs, to while away the night listening to pounding dance music into the early hours. The Ministry of Sound nightclub is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 clubs in the world and plays host to a plethora of famous DJ’s. It is the flagship club of one of the world’s biggest music companies of the same name – Ministry of Sound are a global house and electronic music brand, signing some of the biggest artists in the world. Massive savings can be made on both entry and drinks by visiting the club on a London Party Pub Crawl.

Your crawl will be run by some of London Party Pub Crawl’s hosts, whose job is to make sure everyone stays safe and together, whilst also having a fantastic time. Your host will be able to help if you lose anything, need directions to the loo, or simply aren’t having as much fun as you should be – normally by pouring a large tequila down your throat! They will also organise games such as limbo and beer pong, manage the logistics of moving people from bar to bar, and generally help to make sure the night is running smoothly.

Another benefit of booking your crawl with London Party Pub Crawl is the free drinks. On their Central London Pub Crawl you are guaranteed 5 free shots, entry to at least 5 bars, and massive inhouse drinks deals. You will also be followed around all night by a dedicated photographer, who can capture all the debauchery that goes on.

Some of the venues that London Party Pub Crawl visit include Tiger Tiger, a huge club with 5 rooms of different music, right in the heart of London. There is also the chilled vibe of Tropicana Beach Club in Covent Garden, the labyrinthine Piccadilly Institute and 1970s inspired Café de Paris in Leicester Square. These, alongside Ministry of Sound, are just some of the venues that revellers can visit with London Party Pub Crawl. The exact venues you visit will depend on which pub crawl package you opt for. Generally speaking, you’ll start somewhere small and chilled before each ensuing venue gets busier and louder.

As mentioned, you can book a pub crawl ticket just for yourself, if you so choose – this can be a great way to meet new people. London Party Pub Crawl also offer great discounts for group bookings. If you book a pub crawl for a group of 5 people or more, then you instantly save a whopping 40% on your ticket price.


#2 Nuts Pub Crawl London

Nuts Pub Crawl also offer a good range of different events to suit your ideal night out. Similar to London Party Pub Crawl, they have a Central London crawl, and a Ministry of Sound one. One of their most popular pub crawls, however, is the alternative Camden Pub Crawl, which delves into the nightlife of Camden.

Whichever Nuts Pub Crawl package you opt for, you are sure to benefit from a range of great deals. Your ticket will guarantee you prepaid entry to every bar and club on your itinerary. On average, this saves guests around £40 on entry fees alone, without even thinking about the free and cheap drinks. Nuts Pub Crawl also guarantee that you will enjoy 1 free shot at every venue you visit, the perfect way to start each new party! Drinks deals come as standard, with beer and vodka-lemonades sold at half price throughout your crawl. And of course, your professional photographer will be on hand throughout the evening to capture every embarrassing and hilarious moment of your pub crawl.

Nuts Pub Crawl have three dedicated guides who will make sure everything runs smoothly on your pub crawl. Barbara, Jeremie and Mathilde speak a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, and Italian, as well as English, helping people from around the world to enjoy their pub crawls. This can be especially comforting for customers who have arrived from a European country and don’t know anybody yet.

Some of the venues visited on the Camden Pub Crawl include Proud cabaret and jazz club, the chilled Blues Kitchen and Soundtracks – playing all the best songs from some of the world’s most famous movies. It’s funny how everyone knows the words to Grease after a few shots…

Ticket prices for Nuts Pub Crawls start at just £15, your best bet is to head to their website and figure out the best pub crawl for you.


#3 Big Night Out Pub Crawl

Since 2009, the Big Night Out has been London’s biggest pub crawl, with up to 300 revellers descending on the British capital’s bars and clubs every night. Visiting 4 ever-more raucous bars, the night culminates with arrival at one of London’s super clubs, where the party lasts until closing time. Sometimes this is Ministry of Sound, though the venues can change depending on availability and the time of year.

If 300 people sounds a bit much, then Big Night Out Pub Crawl can also put together a private crawl for your group. This could be to celebrate a stag or hen party, a birthday or other event. The company also runs special events to celebrate important dates such as St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s and the Superbowl, so be sure to check out their website if you’d like more information about these.

The Big Night Out Pub Crawl includes the services of helpful guides who know how to party, as well as free glow sticks and UV paint, to really brighten up the night. You are guaranteed at least 5 free shots, one in every bar and club, and there are always a plethora of drinks deals to be had if you flash your pub crawl wristband at the bar. Perhaps the best benefit of all is that you will gain queue jump access to the super club at the end of your crawl. So no standing in line for hours, you get to go straight to the front of the queue and get those drinks in.

The Big Night Out starts at Zoo Too Bar in Leicester Square every night, and tickets can be pre-booked or purchased on the night. The crawl tends to start between 8 and 9pm, with numerous venues being used by the company. The itinerary changes every night, with everything planned in advance by your team of guides. Whichever bars you visit before the super club, expect drinking games, competitions and even pole dancing as the night gets steadily more raucous.

The company advises booking online, as there are only limited tickets available on the door and they do tend to be more expensive than pre-booking. Head to the company’s website for more information and to book tickets for your crawl.


#4 Banana Pub Crawl London

As one of the top-rated London pub crawls on TripAdvisor, the Banana Pub Crawl certainly deserves a mention on our list. Similarly to other companies, they have a range of different crawls for different nights, ending in various bars and super clubs such as Ministry of Sound and the popular gay club, Heaven. The tour you join will depend on the day you wish to enjoy your pub crawl. Monday nights end in Heaven, Tuesday to Sunday at Zoo Bar and Fridays and Saturdays at Ministry of Sound. There are pros and cons to each of these, including of course, a possible hangover at work. So, if you have any questions then get in touch with the company, who will be happy to help where they can.

All Banana Pub Crawls start at the Piccadilly Institute, before moving on to a number of bars and clubs in Central London. Other venues include Zoo Bar and Tiger Tiger nightclub, as well as Ruby Blue – a smart and modern bar in Leicester Square. Heaven is the world’s most famous gay nightclub, but it attracts plenty of revellers of all sorts of faiths and sexualities, simply because of it’s fantastic sound system, great tunes and well-priced drinks.

The benefits of a Banana Pub Crawl include welcome shots at each venue you visit, amazing drinks deals with your wristband and the services of helpful guides. On average guests save around £50 each on their night by booking with Banana Pub Crawl. Their Central London Tour pub crawl even includes free tickets to an after party, where festivities continue until 6am! And their Heaven tour includes access to the VIP area of the club, which is open until 5am. So whichever pub crawl you book, don’t expect to be going to bed before the sun comes up!

Ticket prices start at just £10, depending on which pub crawl your are booking and the time of year you want to party. For more information, head to the company website.


#5 The Shoreditch Pub Crawl

The final contender on our list of the best London pub crawls is the Shoreditch Pub Crawl, which offers an alternative to the many Central London pub crawls on offer. Starting at Sink Pong beer hall in Shoreditch, guests will have plenty of time to meet their guides and fellow crawlers over a game of beer pong before the pub crawl begins, taking in the very best pubs and bars in this part of London. You will visit a minimum of four different venues and will enjoy free and cheap drinks in all of them! Not to mention free entry to all of the venues, saving an absolute fortune on your night.

The company also offer a number of other deals and benefits to booking online with them. If you’re booking a birthday pub crawl, then the birthday person goes free! Similarly for hen do’s, the bride doesn’t have to pay for their ticket price. Parties of 20 or more may wish to consider a private crawl of their own, which the Shoreditch Pub Crawl would be happy to help with. The company also offers student discounts, discounts for large groups and 50% off other pub crawls run by the company’s sister outlets in Amsterdam, Paris and more (as long as you keep your wristband).

As well as their standard pub crawl. Shoreditch Pub Crawl host a number of annual events. Examples include Australia Day, Valentines Day and St Patrick’s Day, when crawls are themed around these special events. Pre-booking is essential for these special events and recommended for normal pub crawling, though there will be some availability at the door on arrival for the night. Ticket prices start at just £15 for a Friday or Saturday pub crawl, meaning massive savings can be made on a normal night out.


There’s plenty to choose from

There we have it – there are countless different London pub crawls to choose from, all offering a variety of drinks deals, themes and benefits. From an onsite photographer to glowsticks and half price vodka mixers, make sure you do some research before booking, to ensure that you get the very best pub crawl for your money.

The majority of pub crawl companies also offer a private hire service, where a pub crawl can be tailored to your requirements if you have a large group of friends for a birthday or other celebration. Simply get in touch with the company you are interested in and they will be happy to help plan your event.


How do I find the best pub crawl for me?

If you’re planning a big party and need some help, then why not join our pub crawlers community at the World’s Best Pub Crawls? This site helps to compare pub crawls around the world, in London and beyond. You can plan your dream party in Rio de Janeiro, Paris and more. With a host of useful information, blogs, and a search directory, you’ll have everything you need to book your pub crawl in no time at all.