What is a pub crawl fundraiser?

Everyone enjoys the fun of going out on a pub crawl. You get to move from one bar to another, and meet a lot of interesting people on the way. What we are talking here is of course an organized pub crawl, where you need to pay to join. These events usually attracts way more people than self-organized ones, and they can collect a lot of money.


So if that’s the case, why not make such events beneficial to the world? If the pub crawl functions as a fundraiser for a certain cause, wouldn’t it be more productive? There are many kind of fundraiser events that functions to raise money, for example concerts and sport games. And pub crawls are no different, as long as you know who to donate your profit to!


How to organize a pub crawl for charity?

When speaking of donation and fundraiser, charity is what comes to most people’s mind first. To organize the event for a charity, first of all it’s important to find the proper charity organization. It’s important to find official permission from the charity organization. Only through this, can you legitimately carry out the fundraiser on their behalf.

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When it comes to advertising the event, make sure you let people know the purpose of the event. That means it’s important for participants to know about the fundraiser nature before they join. In this case, this might motivate more warm-hearted people to sign up. Also, during the event, the staff members should wear specific t-shirts or jackets. This serves to remind people of the nature, and also the sponsor of the event.


So that’s really the main difference between a fundraiser pub crawl and a normal pub crawl. Other than that, just organize it like a normal pub crawl, and make sure people have fun!


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